This page is dedicated to rules and laws that apply here on the Lunar Empire wiki chat.

In order to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere, there are some chat rules which must be abided by.

  • No sexually explicit language.
  • Only English, morse code, and Latin are allowed except if permitted by a chat moderator.
  • No Linking porn.
  • No chat nukes.
  • No Spamming.
  • Keep role play to minum.
  • Do not speak ill of the empire.
  • Shipping must be kept to a minimum.
  • Do not excessively post links.
  • Do not provoke religious/moral beliefs.
  • Foul language is not permitted, such as f***, C***, D***, Sh**, s**, etc.
  • Do not speak ill of Law's Brigade.
  • Happy tree friends are allowed, just warn people.

Chat Moderators and Lunar Empire wiki staff are expected to help enforce these chat rules, not break them.