The Village of Gearhollow is a small village set in Gearling Forest.
Sprockmarrow manor

the area around sprockmerrow manor


the houses of gearhollow

It is home to the many up and coming inventors in the lunar empire and is where most of the mechanical parts of The Lunar Empire, such as; springs, sprockets, gears, nuts, bolts and many other items are produced.

It is easily noticible from far away because of the smoke rising from the iron workshops and chimneys.

It is set in the middle of Gearling Forest near Quickbolt Cliff and Sprockmarrow Manor which was abandoned long ago by the village's creators.

The houses are very strange looking and mishapen because of the orignal designs and the additions to them during the century it was created in. While all the buildings started out as 1 floored houses, some have now become 3 or 4 floored houses with many more rooms.

The main attractions of the town are the library, the pub, Marsh Greenwall's home, Quickbolt Cliff and Sprockmarrow Manor.