Hello, and welcome to our empire! There's a lot to do around here, so we hope you'll stay with us and help make this empire big and strong.

Helping Out On Lunar Empire Wiki!
This wiki is a place to use your imagination, hang out, edit and have fun! Every edit helps, whether it's a new page, putting links in dead-end pages or just fixing grammar. If you have questions ask the Founder and she'll answer your questions. If you have issues contact our admins.
Community Rules and Guidelines
These are our rules and guiedelines for this wiki:

No spam is tolerated or it will result in a block.

No insulting other's beliefs.

No profane language is tolerated.

Don't eat those tacos in the fridge.

No chat nuking,keep your ideas of WW3 in your own war infested minds

Don't mess with other user's pages unless needed, fixing grammar and adding links is the only exception.

Do not roleplay sexual things.

No vulgar images, or links to porn this isn't the 21+ wiki.

Do NOT speak ill of Cute Yeti T.V or Jackalopes.

Don't eat that soup over there

We aren't sailors don't cuss here.

Need to discuss something urgent? Or say something important? Or just want to casually talk with others? Then the Lunar Empire Wiki Chat is the best place for you!

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