Black sun gang

The infamous symbol of the Black Sun Gang


A part of the Black Sun Gang

This is a enemy to the Lunar Empire 

The Black Sun GangEdit

The Black sun Gang is known for the massive amount of drugs that is distributed around the continent, mass murders of important persons and its extremely brutal members strip clubs and prostitutes among the streets.

The History of the Black Sun GangEdit

The Black sun gang was founded by a illegal drug lord. He gathered a massive crowd. They all decided to mass produce "Solar flare", a deadly drug which is a steroid that causes mind altering. Then the drug wars started, killing millions of people over Solar flare. After that The Black Sun gang was not heard from after the war for three years. Then a massacre popped up and around 80 people (humans) were killed at a festival. The gang didn't stop there either, they smuggled more drugs into the country and made even more steroids. In the gang's territory, the streets were lined with armed members and people (including the gang and prostitutes) doing drugs in the street getting high, and prostitution going on. The average amount of deaths each year from drugs in the Empire is around 50,000. Rape is common here and is often the prostitutes doing the raping.