The Sahugian cult is well, a cult. The Sahugians worship a diabolical creature called the Consumer. The consumer is a destructive red bull. It consumes everything in its path leaving blood and fire behind. Even though this "Consumer" isn't proved to be real the cult makes shrines and kidnaps people and kill them and throw their bodies into the fire in the shrine. Then the people (who are tribesmen) strangle prisoners and strip their clothing off and put them in torture chambers that resemble hell, thete victims are impaled and roasted alive naked. The black sun gang is a Sahugian gang. The Sahugians believe when they are ready, e every 5 years 3 people commit suicide for the Consumer. Prostitutes often are the Sahugian women. They have 2 husbands, their husband and the Consumer. They are forced into prostitution or commit suicide or get raped to death.