The Stardust Troop is an army in the Lunar Empire. It is commanded by General LuckyEmile and has elite soldiers. The army has several squads: the stardust gunners, the horsemen, the tanks, the Battleship Navy, the airship squad and the train! The Stardust Troop is by far the most loyal to the Empire.


The stardust gunners are the front-line. The soldiers posses stardust guns, guns which shot stardust, which is more powerful than it seems. Since it shoots stardust and not bullets, it has unlimited amo.

The horsemen are soldiers who are set behind the stardust gunners. They ride upon super-elite trained horses, some of which are unicorns. The unicorns have a high control of magic, due to their horns, and are in the centre of the horsemen line. The horses are fast runners and can reach speeds faster than the average horse. They are well trained, and can escape dangerous situations with ease.

The tanks are the back-line and fire bombshells. They are slow, and the bombshells are a double-edged sword, making them the weakest part of the force. They are driven by highly-skilled tank drivers, which makes them better than useless. The tanks are green and have the Stardust Troop emblem on each side. They use caterpillar wheels like over tanks. The tanks are sometimes set into several rows, making it hard for opponents to get past the army.

The battleship Navy is made up of several highly armored ships which can float on any liquid, including lava. They are lined with cannons filled with spiked balls and have a large, triple barreled head-cannon at the front. They also have to cannons at each side at the back, which fire homing missiles to get pests off their tail. This navy rules the seas.

The airship squad are the aerial attackers. The have cannons at the side and base. They are flowing by the Lunar Empires best pilots and fly via propellors. There are ten airships in the squad, and each features the logo of the Stardust Troop on both sides.

Finally, the train runs on the rails and is extremely fast. The train features many soldiers who protect it. There are cannons on the side, and it features a two opposite facing huge cannon to fire HUGE homing missiles at rival trains on one carriage. However, due to their size, the homing missiles travel slowly. The train is not used in many battles, only battles on the rails to fight against rival trains.


The Stardust troops logo is a white pentagram with bits of white stardust raining from the right side of it. It appears as a shadow rather than a detailed logo, allowing it to be easily drawn, and recognized. The motto is “Stardust only falls from stars, and NOT to its enemy” which can be quite intimidating to its rivals.